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for the most flexible, reasonably priced, easy and fun dance classes in every style of social dance known to mankind; plus private dance coaching, Dance-at-Your-Wedding Workshops, Sunday Salsa & Rueda and Argentine Tango social dance events, Ballroom, Latin & Swing Dance-&-Learn Parties, authentic Brazilian Samba training and social dancing, teaching at private birthday, anniversary and special corporate dance events, dance training videos... or any combination of the above.

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We offer the most professional and authentic dance entertainment available throughout Metropolitan Washington DC, Md & Va in addition to easy, flexible and fun instruction for the entire family in every style of social dance from around the globe that literally ANYONE can afford (and your 1st class is FREE! with a '2-for-the-price-of-1' Pass online for 1st-timers). Absolutely no high-pressure selling, long and expensive contracts or holding students back who can proceed faster. Our selling point is our superior ability to teach, not sell. Everyone is welcome to our classes and social dance events, including students of all ages, singles, couples, SameGender couples and the seeing and hearing impaired (limited ASL avail). Use the drop-down menu above or scroll down for site information & web site map.
(Use the drop-down menu above or click here for web site information)
202-462-0870 - 24/7 voice mail
202-596-4860 - cell

including any of the Terry Chasteen DanceSport classes of in Ballroom, Latin,
Salsa, Swing, Argentine Tango, Country/Western, Disco Hustle and many more...



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graphic Ballroom dancersgift cert of dance
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Private Dance Coaching at DanceSport DuPont Circle and other locations available any day by appointment to train for weddings, pro/am or amateur couple competition or Showcase performances in Ballroom or Latin, C/W, Swing, Tango, Disco/Hustle and more or just to prepare for upcoming social events and parties. Teaching and entertainment for corporate and special social events and classes away from the studio can also be arranged with, 202-596-4860.

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class schedule graphic by the day

1) $12/drop-in class ($10 Full-time students). Includes the social dancing/practice at 9pm on Wed and 6:15 and 8:30pm on Sun. Each class of 45 minutes is charged separately and is as reasonably priced as any throughout the Washington Metropolitan area. We take pride in a very high level of experience and expertise of every teacher of 'DanceSport at Dupont Circle'.

2) $95/10-class dance card good for any DanceSport Dupont or Sat Bethesda DanceSport classes ($85/FT student 10-class dance card). Can be shared with a regular dance partner).

3) $50/5-class dance card.

4) Private dance coaching: $75/hour session by appointment (for one, two or 3 students at once. Purchase ten in advance and 11th is free). Useful for wedding first dance coaching, amateur or pro/am competition, social dancing and Showcase choreography and technique)


During and after the Holidays .... regardless of the occasion ...
for fun, health and fitness ... and before those very special events ....

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gift cert of dance
Gift certificates for our drop-in classes are $12/person, 5-class cards only $49 or 10-class dance cards only $95 ...all unbeatable prices throughout Metropolitan Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Va with teachers as experienced in their areas of expertise as you'll find anywhere (social dancing/practice included in DuPont Circle on the day of any class taken). Class cards can be used on any combination of drop-in classes in either of our 2 DC and Md locations. Private coaching is by appointment at DuPont Circle, Rockville, Bethesda or Silver Spring at $75/session for either one person or two ($15 additional/person over 2). Private coaching can be used on any dance style(s) of choice for weddings, social dancing or amateur and pro/am competition (you dance with and are judged with your teacher. A GREAT way to get your feet wet in competitive Ballroom, Latin or C/W dancing). Gift certificates can include any combination of the above.

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Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Salsa & Tango dancing...
...and more ...for any occasion...

What better gift is there for fun, exercise and socializing
for all ages and all levels of experience than the gift of

Give those close to you a gift of dance...
... a gift that will last a lifetime... animated musical notes
and one that gives again and again, every time the music starts to play...

Learn to dance for your wedding graphic with bride and groom Give your friends and loved ones a
"2-For-1-First-Class Gift Certificate" available all year long.
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Gift certificates for fexible, easy & fun classes, private coaching, dance-&-Learn Parties and learning opportunities
in literally all of the social dances from around the globe throughout the week and weekend that ANYONE can afford....

including any of the classes in Ballroom, Latin,
Salsa, Swing, Argentine Tango, Country/Western, Disco Hustle and many more...

animated clip art birthday cake with flickering candles ... Call us for a 'FREE DANCE CLASS' BIRTHDAY GIFT CERTIFICATE at Dupont Circle for a special someone (including the kids!) during the week of their BIRTHDAY! birthday balloons. Get your friends together or the friends of a loved one and CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAYS DANCING!!! (desserts and ice cream served every Sun and specified Fridays during the social dance events during DanceSport at DuPont Circle'. All you need, if you care to have one, is your own SPECIAL CAKE to share!).

birthday balloons The perfect dance parties always with classes to finally get your animated clip art - dancing musical notes
friends" into "The Swing of things"!!..

animated clip art jack-in-the-box wrapped giftanimated clip art birthday cake with flickering candles

You may also give your friends and loved ones a "2-For-1-First-Class Gift Certificate" for first-timers when at least one of those is attending for their first time. Available all year long. Visit our Gift Certificate coupon page....

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You must bring in a printed paper copy of the coupon or gift certificate
including newcomer's name to receive the 2-for-1 first-time discount)
(Click here for easy nearby parking information).

(Click here for weekly Dance-&-Learn Social Party details)

Michael Jackson's Thriller posterwithch on broom
We'll also be learning and dancing the entire authentic 'Michael Jackson's Thriller' dance routine
by request for future Flash Mobs on both Wed and Sun 52 weeks per year ( ....but only for those who DARE!).

MJ's Thriller dancersMichael Jackson dancing 'Thriller'
Visit for details

animated clip art stumbling zombie animated clip art musical notes

Join us weekly for training and social practice animated musical notes
during 'DanceSport at Dupont Circle' every
Wed, Thurs and Sun plus other locations below:


Sorry ... our bad ...the Washington Post 'Capitol Deal' wasn't supposed to run
until next week but they were so excited about this 'Special DanceSport Deal' that they
moved it up 5 days. Consequently several of the
sites below are also

animated clip art "under construction"
We promise to have the teachers lined up
and the schedules online very soon.


DanceSport at Dupont Circle
Weekly classes and social dance events on Wed, Thurs and Sun
(Sun & Wed schedule finished ...Thurs schedule coming soon)

Tango at Dupont Circle
Weekly Tango classes and social dance events on Wed, Thurs and Sun
(Tango classes 7pm beg and 7:45 int/adv on Sun & 7:30 & 8:15 weekdays)

Bethesda DanceSport weekly classes
Weekly social dance classes Sat 10am-2pm
(final schedule starting soon)

Hollywood Ballroom DanceSport Center, Silver Spring
Weekly classes & social dancing/practice Mondays 4pm-10:30pm
(final schedule coming soon)

DanceSport on Capitol Hill
Weekly social dance classes 7-10pm
(final schedule starting Jan 13)

Tenlytown DanceSport Center
Weekly Sat social dance classes
(final schedule avail soon)


Terry Chasteen,

Tango DJ David Liu

Located two 2 blocks West of Dupont Circle (red line Metro) at Embassy Row. Free parking all weekend plus during the week after 6:30pm directly in front of the church and in front of the nearby embassies, including:
1) on the adjacent block of Massachusetts Ave from 22nd St West to Sheridan Circle and several blocks beyond,
2) on 22nd St directly North of Q and Mass Ave to R St,
3) West along R St between 22nd and 23rd at Sheridan Circle,
4) directly on Sheridan Circle, which is one block from the Church of the Pilgrims,
5) non-embassy free parking is also available all weekend directly across the street on 22nd between P and Q which opens up during the week daily right at 6:30pm (so come to class early right after work and your parking space will be waiting for you at 6:30!).

Church of the pilgrims with entrance arrow
Photography by David Liu,

'Tango at Dupont Circle'

2201 P St. NW (1520 22nd St NW on Google Maps),
Washington DC 20037


DanceSport at Dupont Circle
Every Wed and Sun 2 blocks West of Dupont Circle
at the Church of the Pilgrims (red line Metro)

photo - Dupont Circle Fountain with people


'DanceSport at Dupont Circle'

The Church of the Pilgrims Fellowship Hall
2201 P St. NW (1520 22nd St NW on Google Maps),
Washington DC 20037

Animated clip art old record player with musical notes

Clip Art - Santa and Frostie the Snowman
'Tango at Dupont Circle'

Hosted by Terry Chasteen
with DJ
David Liu
The Church of the Pilgrims Fellowship Hall
2201 P St. NW (1520 22nd St on google maps),
Washington DC 20037

Click here for Dance-&-Learn Party details

(All are welcome, including singles, couples,
same-gender couples and the seeing and hearing impaired

Don’t miss our 3rd Annual Christmas Day and New Years Day Milongas with DJ Mark Sakowski
Sunday, December 25, 2011 & Sunday, Jan 1, 2012.

Time: 9:00pm until 1:00am.
Where: Tango at Dupont Circle, The Church of the Pilgrims Fellowship Hall, 2201 P. St., NW (google maps 1520 22nd St. NW)

Description : Our 3rd Annual Christmas Day and New Year's Day Buenos Aires style Milongas hosted by Hitomi Hayashi & Terry Chasteen with DJ Mark Sakowski playing his renowned inspiring mix of music for dancing (including a little Salsa, West Coast Swing, ChaChaCha, Merengue and possibly MORE by request!).

Still only $10 cover includes dancing, munchies, hot & cold soft drinks and Terry's "Infamous" ala mode desserts!!!

You know us ... It's going to be a fun party ... Don't miss it ! ! !
More info to follow.

(We will also be having our 3rd Annual New Year's Day milonga on January 1, 2012 so PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR!)


'Tango at Dupont Circle'
on Sundays

Please note that Katya's new work schedule will make it impossible to continue teaching the Tango classes on Sundays. Terry will be teaching both classes, including the figures below until a new associate Sunday teacher is confirmed, at which time we'll return to the earlier format of one hour of separate beginner and intermediate at the same time from 7-8pm. Classes will be followed by the 'Domingo en Dupont Milonga' (con postres y Helado! ...desserts with ice cream!) from 8pm-11pm (now beginning at 8:30 until further notice).

1) 7:00pm review and drill in all beginner level material in Tango and Tango Waltz (cadencia or weight changes, cunita or rock steps to sides or forward and back, 1-8 of basic figure, front and back ochos, molinetes to the right and left.
2) 7:45pm media lunar and easy Boleos, sacadas and ganchos. One class $15, $10 F/T students, $95/10-class dance card, $85/student 10-class dance card, an additional $5 to take the second Sunday class. Dancing and practice during the 'Domingo en Dupont Milonga' is FREE for anyone taking any Sunday class from 3pm-8pm.

Use your PayPal account to purchase your gift certrificate online. We'll send you the gift certificate by snail mail or email for you to print in very little time.

Join us for monthly

including beginner and intermediate mini-classes and teacher assistance in
Ballroom, Latin, Swing, C/W, Argentine Tango and more...


And don't forget our weekly

Including classes

Join us every Sunday for classes in all dance styles from 3:00pm to 11pm, plus dancing each week in Salsa & Latin and in Argentine Tango with DJ David Liu. For anyone taking any Sunday class, admission to either one or both Sunday dance parties is FREE. From 7-8pm. Each week you can take advantage of both brand new beginner and intermediate-to-advanced classes at the same time.
All of this followed by a milonga for general dancing and practice, including refreshments and PLENTY of dancing until 11 pm with DJ David Liu.




Purchase a Holiday, Wedding, Birthday, Valentine's Day, Graduation, Anniversary, Mother's Day or any other special occasion dance gift certificate online. We'll email it directly to you or to your loved one. Contact:, 202-462-0870 or cell: 202-596-4860.
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Give your friends and loved ones a
"First-Class-Is-Free Gift Certificate".
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(offering flexible classes and training opportunities in literally all of the
social dances from around the globe 7 days a week that ANYONE can afford)

good toward any Terry Chasteen DanceSport classes in Ballroom, Latin,
Salsa, Swing, Tango, Country/Western, Disco Hustle and more...

You may purchase any combination of classes, private coaching
and Dance-&-Learn Parties and
Sunday Salsa, Brazilian Samba, Tango and Rueda Social

dance party events below online.

Gift Certificates

Give a gift certificate of DANCE...a gift that will last a lifetime!
...and one that will give again and again
...every time the music starts to play!

Get your favorite someone a gift that will oil up their bones and get them going....
gift certificates are available for classes and for private coaching for both
singles and couples, for instructional DVD's and videos, and for admission to any
Terry Chasteen DanceSport Dance-&-Learn Parties and weekly
Sunday Salsa, Argentine Tango, Brazilian Samba and mambo Social Dance
& practice Parties.

the weekly

including weekly dancing and classes


plus the weekly Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday
Dance-at-Your-Wedding Workshops

At DanceSport Dupont from 12:30pm on Saturdays
and also from 4:30pm to 5:15pm on Sundays and 6:45pm-7:15pm on Wed and Thurs.

...or for any combination of the above, plus individual dance party or 10-party dance cards (useful for attending any combination of Terry Chasteen DanceSport's ' Dance-&-Learn Parties), private coaching sessions, or individual class cards which may include any combination of classes taught by Terry and associates at DanceSport Dupont Circle.

The cost of classes is $12.00 per person per class or $95.00 / 10-class Dance Card which is good for any classes taught specifically by Terry Chasteen & Company at and any of the 5 locations. Individual classes for full-time students are $10.00 per person per class and 10-class cards for students with full-time student ID are $85.00 each. There is no specific expiration date on class cards.

Private Coaching sessions are $75.00 for one person or two per hour ($15.00 per person additional over 2 people attending a private coaching session).

Admission to the Sunday Salsa & Latin Social is $12.00 per person ($10.00 students) and the admission to the Dance-at-Your-Wedding Workshops are $12.00 per person or $24.00 per couple.


Click here to print a free gift certicicate for friends and relatives
who are first-time students to Terry's International DanceSport & Entertainmant classes.

Order a gift certificate below for any combination of classes, private coaching,
upcoming social dance events or Salsa instructional DVD's or VHS videos. Just process your order
and leave your address at or call 202-462-0870 (202-596-4860 cell).
You'll receive your gift certificate very shortly by email or by mail, whichever you choose.

Click here
for a one-page class schedule flyer


You can Transfer your secure Pay Pal funds by logging in to Pay Pal ( and transfering the funds through your credit card to to Pay Pal account for an online gift certrificate for any combination below:

Adult 10-class dance card - $95.00

Individual drop-in dance classes - $12.00 which includes the social dancing and practice when available on that day.

Full-time Student 10-class dance card - $85.00

Full-time student drop-in class rate - $10.00

(Class cards which may include any combination of classes taught by Terry & associate teachers at any of the 5 locations)

Dance-at-Your-Wedding Workshops - $12.00 per individual or $24.00 per couple.

Private dance coaching - $75.00 per session per single or couple ($15 additional per person over 2 people attending)






Level I Beginner Salsa On2 DVD (shown below) - $35.00 (includes shipping)


Level II Intermediate Salsa On2 DVD (shown below) - $35.00 (includes shipping)


Level III Advanced Salsa On2 Video in VHS (shown below) - $35.00 (includes shipping)


3-video combination package including Level 1 (DVD), Level 2 (DVD),
AND Level 3 (VHS) - $80 (includes shipping)


One Sunday Salsa & Latin Social admission - $12.00 (includes one Sunday class of any dance style)


One Sunday Salsa & Latin Social full-time student admission - $10.00 (includes one Sunday class of any dance style)


Sunday Salsa & Latin Social 10-party dance card - $108.00 (each use also includes one Sunday class taught by Terry Chasteen & Company of any dance style)


Regardless of what you choose to give above, also include
the "First-Class-Is-Free Gift Certificate".
Just click on the graphic and print it out in Microsoft Word,
along with other discount coupons.

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Learn this incredible and most popular of all of the Latin social dances the right way with these beginner, intermediate and advanced level videos professionally taught and easy to understand by one of the most talented in the industry, Shaka Brown. This is not street Salsa that you can pick up in every night club in the country and on hundreds of instructional videos. Rather, this is "Salsa on 2, New York Style", the official aftermath of the "Palladium Mambo" that was danced by the Cubans in the Palladium Ballroom in the 1940's. This series of videos includes incredible, but very danceable and leadable techniquie and turn combinations that you will find next to impossible to learn out on the street. Especially designed for those who really wish to get good at and excel in their Salsa dancing.

As Tito Puente said in an interview several months before his untimely death,
"Salsa, Salsa, you put that on crackers...this is Mambo; I've been doing it for 35 years!".

The perfect gifts for those who wish to become better at their salsa and Salsa on 2
dancing, regardless of their level.

DVD- Level 1 Turn patterns

Do you want to look like you were born dancing to Salsa and Mambo music? This video will get you off the wall and onto the dance floor in no time. Shaka Gonzalez Brown has been dancing and teaching Salsa for over half a decade. His easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach to teaching builds a strong foundation and makes learning easy. Learn the terminology of partnerwork, the ways to lead and follow, and what NOT to do on the dance floor. Assisted by the beautiful Yesenia Peralta, Shaka will show you the moves that will have you looking like a natural born dancer in no time!

Widescreen Format!
3/4 Angle View
6 progressive turn patterns with detailed explanations!
both leader and follower steps are demonstrated independently and combined!
Over an hour and a half of material!
Chapter Menus, trailers, and bloopers!
The music used on this video is Orquesta La Romana's "Quiero Que Estes Conmigo" from the Ya LLego Album.

$30.00 USD
Shipping & Handling: $5.00 USD

DVD- Level 2 Turn patterns

The second volume of the Series. This video builds on the material introduced in volume 1, adding the Inside Copa, the Outside Copa, 360 Cross Body leads, and spot turns. Close to an hour of instruction, with the beautiful Yesenia Peralta demonstrating the followers steps. A total of 7 progressive turn patterns are done with a count and with music!

Widescreen format!
7 Complete Turn Patterns!
Trailers, Bloopers and more!
The music used on this video is Orquesta La Romana performing "Mi Debilidad" from the Ya LLego Album.

$30.00 USD
Shipping & Handling: $5.00 USD

Advanced Turn patterns

Currently Available on VHS only. This video introduces 8 advanced Turn patterns that will be sure to turn some heads on the dance floor. Behind the back arm wraps, hand tosses, 360 Cross Body leads,and different copas are all taught in a back to back sequence format. The result being a LONG turn pattern (Over thirty 8 counts) that you can break up to accomodate your social dancing. Caribbean Soul Dancer's Griselle Ponce is a guest partner on this video, and after you get all the turn patterns down, you'll still want to keep watching the tape to see how well Griselle follows them!

The music used on this video is Wendell Rivera's "Compartiremos" from the No Boundaries Album.

$30.00 USD
Shipping & Handling: $5.00 USD

3 video combination package pricing

Purchase all 3 videos and get free shipping PLUS a $10 discount! That's Level 1 (DVD), Level 2 (DVD), AND Level 3 (VHS) for $80 packaged and delivered to your door!

Purchase any 2 videos and get FREE Shipping!*
*(US Only)

International Orders
International Orders do not get Free Shipping. However they can be shipped. Add $10 to your order for International Orders.

Mail Check or Money Order to:
Terry Chasteen
1700 Kenyon St, NW
Washington DC, 20010
Visa, Mastercard through Pay Pal payment available

Video price is $30+ $5 S&H for Domestic orders. Please call 202-462-0870 if you have unique shipping needs.

Shaka Gonzalez Brown has been teaching dance for half a decade. His unique teaching and dancing style style has been influenced by Eddie Torres, Ismael Otero, Frankie Martinez, Edie "The Salsafreak", Ricardo Loaiza and many others. He focuses on making the learning process enjoyable, easing students fears with humor and a lighthearted approach to dance.

Shaka has given workshops on partnerwork, footwork, body styling, timing, musicality, and spinning technique to groups ranging in size from 2 people to over 200 people. He is an experienced master instructor, often training other teachers on not only what, but how to teach.

As director of the ClaveKazi Dance Company, Shaka has taught and performed at some of the high level Salsa Congresses and events throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Brazil, and Japan.




Contact: Terry Chasteen 202-462-0870
(I promise your dancing will never be the same!!)

Click here
for a one-page flyer of
Terry's complete dance class schedule

Click here
to print, send or give to a friend a dance class discount
"2-for-the-price-of-1 pass"
good toward any of Terry Chasteen's dance classes
when one of those attending is for their first time...

Click here
for a one-page flyer of Terry's complete list of
Ballroom & Swing classes

Click here
for a one-page flyer of Terry's complete list of
Salsa classes

For some great practice opportunities in your dancing:

Click here
to print or send a one-page flyer on the Friday or Saturday evening
Salsa, Ballroom, Hustle, C/W & Swing
"Dance-&-Learn Parties"

including mini-classes and dancing

Click here
to download a Dance-&-Learn Party
"2-for-the-price-of-1 pass"
when one of those attending is for their first time...

Click here
to print or send a one-page flyer on the Sunday afternoon
"Salsa on 1 classes & dancing"
with Terry & a second teacher

Click here
to print or send a one-page flyer on the early Sunday evening
"Sunday Salsa, Argentine Tango, Brazilian Samba and Rueda Social,
including classes & dancing"

with Terry & Friends

Click here
to download a Sunday Salsa Social
"2-for-the-price-of-1 pass"
when one of those attending is for their first time...

Click here
to print or send a one-page flyer for the next
including professional & amateur performances, refreshments,
plenty of general dancing, plus a free beginner mini-lesson in Salsa & Swing.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend any of the classes and dance events, including both singles and couples, as well as same-gender couples and the seeing and hearing impaired. You need not come with a partner...But you NEED to COME!! Absolutely no previous dance experience necessary for most of the classes, unless indicated as a Beginner + or intermediate level class)

Don't you think it's time to "STOP WATCHING" all the fun....

...and start "HAVING IT"?!!

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